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You can use quickly on Catchloc Cloud Services just with usage fees without development cost.

Spacosa have created a lot of references with Gper and Catchloc.Gper has been sold about 20 thousand units in just one year after its release, performance has been verified in the market.Improve your business efficiency with Gper and Catchloc that about 200 companies or institution chosen.


Reference 1.

Delivery control

You can check delivery status in real time by installing Gper into delivery person or motorcycle and know current delivery arrival or return situation. Also, users can know current delivery situation, it can greatly improve user’s convenience.

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Main function

  • Delivery notification
  • Realtime delivery monitoring
  • Connection to order information
  • Delivery route guidance

Reference 2.

OBD-II driving information transmission

You can see detailed status of vehicles easily by connecting to OBD-II information. You can check speed, mileage, latitude and longitude information and download these information with excel through stored driving record.

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Main function

  • Check vehicle driver information
  • Store and download driving record
  • Connection to OBD-II information and transmission

Reference 3.

Sensor Data Transmission

Multiple types of sensor data can be transmitted by using cost-effective LoRa network. You can check the environment of ~~ conveniently by sending special information such as fuel amount, temperature, humidity which are collected by sensor with location data.

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Main function

  • Sensor and Location data transmission
  • Service optimization support(API)

Reference 4.

Real Time Location Check for Shuttle Bus

You can check Shuttle Bus Location for respective route through Gper installed in Shuttle Bus and optimized application. With my favorite function With Gper installed in Shuttle Bus and Our optimized application, You can check Shuttle Bus location for respective route. By Favorite function Shuttle Bus’s arrival or departure can be checked to provide convenience to Students and Workers of School/Company.

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Main function

  • Checking Shuttle Bus Route
  • Notification for Arrival
  • Favorite function
  • Managing Board and Disembark using Beacon

Reference 5.

Establishing Social Safety Network

Spacosa continuously invest effort in developing technology such as safety zone and kindergarten bus location notification service to provide support in establishing social safety network. Currently, We are providing service to more than 100 kindergartens/elementary schools and Green Umbrella child fund and to the dementia patients or disabled in YongIn and BuCheon city.

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Main function

  • Missing Prevention
  • Real time Bus Location Check
  • Notification on SafeZone Exit/Enter