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Location Cloud

Location creates new value

CATCH LOC Demo Manual

Location data collecting
CATCH LOC collects location point in real- time.

Location data statistics
CATCH LOC shows location statistics of your service.

Location data sharing
With CATCH LOC people can share their location and notify their location without any action.


CATCH LOC collects location of smart phones, beacons, GPS Trackers and more location devices in real-time. Collected data can be reviewed on service application or webpage.


Location Cloud

Join us! You can check the location of your valuables on

Location Management
It increase the efficiency of the business to control the location of parcel service, freight, and sales men.

Access control
It manage the customer and employees access to install the beacons and scanners at the entrance of hospital, schools and buildings.

Property management
Property management It prevents the lost property to have the beacons and GPS tracker at the customer’s expensive.

APIApplication Programming Interface

You can simply add on the real-time tracking function on to your service.

  1. STEP01
  2. STEP02
  3. STEP03
  4. STEP04
Webview Provide the real time location on the Webpage
GPS point Support GPS coordination
Tracker manager 3rd parties can check the tracking object list
Real Time tracking Control the start and stop time for real time tracking
Collection SDK Your Application can collect the location data
Customizing Icon Customize point marker design for your service

SDKSoftware Development Kit

CATCH LOC provides SDK for you to develop with minimal resources.

Location Collecting
Strategic decision
Client development
Position compensation algorithm
System development by tracker types (beacon, etc.)
Location Marking
Map connection
Overlay Object development and management
Multi Map
Location data Management
Encrypt and security
Massive location data distribution
Operation and maintenance check regularly

Mobile Application

Get location data fast and easy with dedicated app

  • Real-time location check

  • Multiple selection for vehicles

  • Messenger

  • Remembering bus stops



You will save cost, time, and resources with us.

Location collecting from Price (monthly)
A specified/official person or object
(salesman, manager etc.)
$10 (exclude VAT) for each
Extensive range of people or objects
(customers, service users, etc.)
$100 (exclude VAT) till 100,000 query
API 10% more of original rate
SDK $500 (exclude VAT) till 100,000 query (monthly)
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Here are some ideas how you can integrate with us!

Case 01. API

YPER – car’s location for wash

View car’s location to bring better and efficient operation system.


Case 02. SDK

Real-Time Location

Using CATHC LOC location cloud helps efficient operation by sharing the real-time location of the vehicles.

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